Writing into the deep end

As usual when I’m doing NaNoWriMo, I am feeling my way into a cavern without a flashlight.  The cavern may contain abysses, side tunnels, scuttling rats, falling rock, and vaulted ceilings for all I know.  All I am sure of (because I keep hearing a dripping sound) is that water is involved.  So are malevolent cell phone companies, bullying swim coaches, children who are hiding things, and an ongoing fight over the word “Please” between the protagonist and her ward. Oh, and a goat-footed neighbor is running an unlicensed catering business out of my protagonist’s house.

Something will emerge.  Something always does.  Meanwhile, I ramble on.  1915 words today, still behind schedule, but I forgive myself.  All I had on my agenda today besides NaNoWriMo was to vote, go to Weight Watchers, plan tomorrow’s lesson, run errands, and go to fencing practice until after nine tonight.  I used to “win” NaNoWriMo when I was a full time teacher and writing on the train, so it’s doable.

I may not get much done tomorrow, though, because of a full day of teaching followed by my regular Wednesday night meeting.  But that’s tomorrow’s dark abyss. Today I wrote enough.

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