When I plug my phone into the dashboard mount of my car on a trip to somewhere new, the cable brushes against the car’s touch screen and resets things, so that the rear view camera no longer works, it’s playing the radio instead of Google Maps, and the volume is turned ALL THE WAY UP.  Or down.

Solution is not to leave the phone on the passenger seat, because it falls on the floor every time I brake. Solution is not to put it in the space between the seats, because I will look down at it to check the map directions and I don’t want to look down at my phone when I’m driving (oddly, I’m not tempted when it’s up on the dashboard mount).  Solution is not to use Bluetooth, because I also want to charge my phone.  If I plug the phone in to charge, it always starts the first song starting with “A” in my iTunes list.

Solution: Move the dashboard mount over so the cable doesn’t dangle. Then record a Voice Memo that says, “You just plugged your phone into the car, didn’t you?”, and import it into iTunes with an earlier “A” title.

Other possible solution:  Use Bluetooth, but plug my phone into the spare battery, which will dangle and bang on the dashboard and have to be recharged itself.

Other possible solution: Turn off the touch screen. Turn it all off.  Decide not to drive anywhere.

I didn’t say I was rational.

Meanwhile, my husband’s client received an email from a customer that instructed him to log in to a new system.  My husband is a computer consultant.  But since they had just set up a new system, he tried to log in.  It didn’t work.  My husband told me about it, and I told him it was phishing.

He told his client that it was phishing.

The client told his employees it was phishing.

Then his client nevertheless attempted to log in, first using his firm’s email and password and then using his Gmail and Gmail password.

Everyone on the client’s address list promptly received an email from a new Yahoo! account opened under the client’s name, asking them to please purchase an iTunes card and forward it to him.

Solution: I have none, except for helpless laughter.*

*Before you say anything, people are not stupid. That’s not the problem. People are irrational, however.  Also designers and engineers forget that human beings are irrational, that human beings react in predictably irrational ways, and that this wonderful, convenient design will interact with that wonderful, convenient design. Because engineers, too, are human, especially in their insistence that they are rational.

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